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Welcome to applehoney a fabulous icon journal run by polkadotparasol in her spare time.

Please feel free to add this lj if you want to watch, there are no friends only entries, everything is public. :) I won't be adding friends unless they are resources or other icon ljs so please don't take it personal. ;)

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001 Please feel free to take as many icons as you like, just PLEASE credit applehoney in your userpics. If you don't know how to do this you can ask me, it's very easy and fair as I spend lots of time on my icons.

You can also use them on your websites if you don't hotlink, & you ask me first. :)

002 Comments are key so I know what styles you like & encourage me. They are very much loved. :)

003 Please do not alter any of the icons. They are minature works of art and I put time into them.

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L o o k i n g . f o r . a n . i c o n ?

Please check the t a g s as I archive everything in there and the memories are all messed up. Just ignore them. They are confused. The tags know best, I swear. ;)

r e s o u r c e s

All the resources I use can be found h e r e . I use lots of wonderful brushes & textures and things from talented people. You should check them all out.

a f f i l i a t e s

to request to be an affiliate (please do!) or to see who I am affiliated with please go h e r e

R e q u e s t s

I can't promise to do it but I just might. Request an icon
h e r e

A w a r d s

Want to see what contests I have won? go here :)

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